What Is Artificial Intelligence DealRoom Service

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an intelligent system that works at the level of the human brain. Can perform and simulate human actions to solve specific tasks, both routine and creative. AI was used not so long ago in business but has already shown its effectiveness.

The essence of artificial intelligence

Like any other computer program, AI works like this: it takes data, analyzes it, and produces a result. But the essence of artificial intelligence lies in its features.

The structure differs from a regular program: an artificial neural network, which, after being created by a programmer, undergoes a training procedure to make the results of data analysis as accurate as possible.

In addition to the initially laid down, the algorithm can receive and process new information to make more complex and effective decisions based on it in the future. In addition, learning occurs with each newly completed task. Artificial intelligence improves on its own experience. This is called machine learning.

AI has advantages – it does not get tiring and is able to process a huge amount of information in a short time. In addition, it differs from human thinking in that it does not yet have emotions and does not depend on them. At the same time, human thought is always subject to them.

Why are more companies using artificial intelligence?

Most analysts predict that the introduction of AI will increase the company’s efficiency by tens of percent. In business, many mistakes happen due to the human factor. AI will improve the accuracy of operational processes, including when working with documents and when entering data. There are already and are actively used neural networks that recognize, for example, passport data and enter data into the corresponding cells of the system. Therefore, artificial intelligence is becoming a key element in increasing the competitiveness of companies and entire states in the era of industrial revolution 4.0.

How can AI be used in DealRoom Service?

You can use this technology in DealRoom Service for a variety of industries.


Technologies allow opening accounts for people and companies with little or no participation of employees, including remotely. Then, based on information about the borrower, determine the size and applicable terms of the loan, analyze news about the bank’s partners and identify risks, and effectively trade on the stock exchange.


They help to understand the demographic characteristics of the buyer and offer the most suitable products. Control the filling of shelves, understand the reasons for queues in the store, better organize delivery and purchase from suppliers, and simplify the work of accounting.


It helps build freight transportation routes, control fuel costs, and extract and analyze data from transport documents.

Cloud computing

Artificial intelligence helps developers to carry out cloud computing. For example, the artificial intelligence built into the DealRoom Service helps those who use clouds for calculations to carry them out accurately and as quickly as possible.

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